• Warren

Terrain Aware Cartography: Novel Use of Arcade Expressions

TLDR; here's a Github with some cool stuff!

To close out my long running saga of hachures and rendering terrain, I submit the following as the culmination of this personal passion project.

Based on the feedback from those who were interested in the steps to reproduce this hachure shading, I’ve authored a python toolbox to script the geoprocessing tasks. Furiously programmed in the evenings while the toddler slept, I was able to condense the methods into a tool and even implement a few improvements along the way.

Going a step further, I created a set of sample layer files that can be applied to the tool output (It’s not just limited to hachures you know!). There are a variety of artistic relief techniques out there and I’ve tried to emulate just a few and package them with this tool. These are samples to demonstrate just an inkling of what you might achieve, so mix and match these, modify and adapt them, or reference them and create your own!

I’ve published everything here in this GitHub repository (code, styles, samples, and documentation)

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