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ArcGIS Pro/FME 2019

This map was made using ArcGIS Pro and FME. Inspired by this map posted by the Library of Congress and other traffic flow maps form the period, I attempted to emulate the style and design of the period and substitute a watershed with flow gauge station data.

I created the charts as spatial features using an FME workbench and added them to an ArcGIS Pro layout as map frames. Adding some blueprint-ish cartography using image/texture fills I was able to achieve the aesthetic of the original map. The final touches were to add a number of dynamic text callouts for all of the data points recorded by the flow gauge stations. The data-heavy nature of these callouts and the unique charts helped achieve a similar aesthetic as the original reference map.

This map was selected as a winner of the MonoCarto 2019 mapping competition.

Download the full map and resources.

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