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ArcGIS Pro, Affinity Designer 2019

After a brief hiatus, I was looking for a little project to get me back into making maps. Coincidentally, this tweet in the form of a map challenge appeared and it turned out to be the perfect project. The goal was to emulate the cartographic works of Richard Edes Harrison.

It turned out to be a really powerful exercise as I first had to study the cartographic choices, and subtle effects that were used to create the map and then find a suitable approximation. This also granted me the excuse to longingly stare at the eye-watering map that was the inspiration.

All of the cartography was produced with ArcGIS Pro and then I performed a few additional effects in Affinity Designer to produce the custom ocean gradient and enhance the aged paper effect.

A summary of some of the tips, tricks, and methods I used can be found in this blog post. The downloadable version of this map is available here.