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South America in a Globular Perspective

This post isn't much of a how-to guide or step-by-step instruction but rather a brief rundown of some of the methods, tips, and/or tricks that I found handy when approximating this map of South America inspired by the works of Richard Edes Harrison.

The image below is kind of the brochure that points out where I used some interesting or noteworthy techniques and below are some of the sources. You can download the map here and the 'brochure layout' here.

Resources and Methods

Here's a bunch of resources that were either the methods I used or techniques I used as inspiration when creating this map.

Natural Earth Datasets

OpenStreetMap Data Mining

Coastal Edge Hack for Lakes and Rivers

Glacier Hillshade Tinting

Getting Custom using Design Software After Effects

Bespoke Graticules

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